Jakub Hejl

With his leadership and industry expertise

He has led numerous landmark real estate deals and started several real estate operating companies all totaling billions of dollars in value in the United States and Europe. Additionally, he has started a family foundation and continues to show his commitment to charitable causes by devoting his time through board positions and charitable contributions.

Hejl moved to Florida as a child and received his high-school and college education there. Since then, he has witnessed his home state's growth and views Florida as the best place to live and invest globally.

From a young age, Hejl was passionate about real estate. His entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by firsthand observations of the transformative effects of capitalism and democracy on various regions and societies. He attended the prestigious IMG Academy in Sarasota, Florida, and graduated with honors from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, earning a bachelor's degree in business with majors in finance and real estate and a concentration in economics.

Hejl began his professional career in investment banking in New York City, focusing on real estate. He gained additional experience at a private equity real estate firm based in New York. Later, he contributed to the expansion of the European operations of another New York-based private equity firm, working from the firm's London office after relocating from New York. Hejl currently resides in Miami, Florida.

In 2017, Jakub Hejl established Westside Capital Group in Miami, Florida

Under his leadership, Westside Capital Group has grown its portfolio of assets, including land, real estate companies and buildings, spanning various property types, including mixed-use and multifamily high-rise assets and developments, multifamily garden-style assets and developments, as well as large land holdings intended for transformative mixed-use developments.

Hejl’s visionary approach and strategic direction have positioned his ventures as leading forces in their respective markets throughout the United States.