Jakub Hejl is a Czech American investor, real estate developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has founded and invested in a series of businesses across the real estate value chain, including high-value buildings, landmark developments, and operating real estate businesses and companies. Hejl has also established a family foundation and continues to demonstrate his commitment to charitable causes by devoting his time to board positions and making charitable contributions. His dedication to his work and his involvement in charitable initiatives exemplify his commitment to making a positive impact in the community and beyond.


Jakub Hejl was born in 1989 in Prague, Czech Republic. During his childhood, he moved to the United States to pursue his education, attending the prestigious IMG Academy in Sarasota, Florida, and later enrolling at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. A student leader at the University of Miami, he initiated several student organizations on campus. He graduated with Honors from the University of Miami, earning an undergraduate business degree with a major in Finance and Real Estate and a concentration in Economics. Throughout his education, Hejl demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a keen interest in the world of real estate and finance.


He began his professional career in real estate in investment banking in New York City. He worked at a private equity real estate firm based in New York. Later, he played a key role in expanding the European operations of another New York-based private equity firm, working from the firm’s London office after relocating from New York.

In 2017, Jakub Hejl founded Westside Capital Group in Miami, Florida. As the company’s president, he has been pivotal in its growth and success. Under his leadership, Westside Capital Group has expanded its portfolio to include various property types such as mixed-use and multifamily high-rises, garden-style developments, and significant land holdings for transformative mixed-use projects. Hejl’s strategic vision has established the firm as a key player in the real estate market of the southeastern United States, boasting a substantial portfolio and a multi-billion-dollar construction pipeline on fully entitled land owned by the firm.


Throughout his career, Jakub Hejl has spearheaded numerous notable projects that have significantly impacted the real estate landscape. Hejl’s expertise and track record span the following:

Destination Development: Variety of land acquisitions and proposed public-private partnerships intended to redevelop and catalyze large land holdings in urban areas in the Southeastern United States. The most notable recent project includes RoseArts District, one of the largest opportunity zone developments in the United States, zoned for almost 6,000 residential units and 350,000 sf of commercial space in Orlando, FL.

Landmark Assets: Acquisitions of various landmark high-rise towers in urban settings within the Southeastern United States with potential for significant additional value creation and many times including additional land development potential and positive impact.

Special Situation Investing: Acquisitions of distressed mixed-use and multifamily assets from UCC foreclosures, deed in lieu buys, and other distressed situations that Hejl’s firms capitalize, reposition, and fuel for future growth. Hejl’s recent focus also includes real estate corporate investments in rich real estate companies and real estate operating companies, which can include public-private arbitrage.

Real Estate Operating Businesses: Founding and acquisitions of various real estate operating business along the real estate value chain including management, construction, and other similar companies.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jakub Hejl is deeply committed to giving back to his community. He actively participates in philanthropic endeavors. Sebastian Strong, a foundation dedicated to pediatric cancer research, is supported by Hejl because it focuses on children who are missed in otherwise robust medical research fields for new medications. Hejl is a board member of The Wolfsonian, a Miami Beach museum, library, and research center that uses its collection to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design with a sister institution in Genoa, Italy, founded by Micky Wolson Jr. Hejl also serves as the youngest member ever to be named to the University of Miami President’s Council, an invitation-only organization comprising of the most prominent University of Miami alumni.

Jakub Hejl is often invited to speak at conferences and leadership events to speak about real estate-related topics and participate in student-related initiatives. Hejl also actively engages with students by speaking in classrooms regarding real estate careers and occasionally judges various real estate student competitions.

Furthermore, Hejl is an alumnus of the Hyperion Council, an initiative led by the Dean of the University of Miami’s School of Business. Through this program, he has actively participated in initiatives to uplift underprivileged communities in the United States and abroad. He has also dedicated his time and energy to supporting Special Olympics in South Florida, where he has served as a hugger and head hugger, assisting and encouraging athletes and helping with the organization and logistics of the annual competition.


Jakub Hejl enjoys pursuing his hobbies and interests outside of his professional endeavors. He has a deep passion for sports, particularly ice hockey. Additionally, he enjoys all forms of architecture, design, and artistic expressions that, among other things, may be tied to geopolitical, historical, or other significant events and ultimately spark a public debate about relevant topics for the world’s future.

Jakub Hejl’s career as a investor, real estate developer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has been marked by exceptional achievements, including real estate transactions worth billions of dollars. Hejl’s commitment to philanthropy and community involvement further exemplifies his character and dedication to making a positive impact. With his notable accomplishments, he continues to shape the real estate industry and inspire others through his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to professional and philanthropic goals.

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